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September 28, Despite a common belief that women lose interest in sex as they age, a new study demonstrates that a significant percentage of women continue to rate sex as important throughout midlife. The study also identified those factors affecting which women continue to value sex most. A number of studies have previously shown that the importance of sex is highly correlated with sexual function among midlife women.
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Why women have sex

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We asked women around the world these 6 provocative questions

D o you want to know why women have sex with men with tiny little feet? I am stroking a book called Why Women Have Sex. It is by Cindy Meston, a clinical psychologist, and David Buss, an evolutionary psychologist. It is a very thick, bulging book. I've never really wondered Why Women Have Sex.
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How important is sex to women as they age?

Back to Sexual health. How a hysterectomy might affect your sex life, how long you should wait before having sex again and how to cope with issues such as vaginal dryness. It takes time to get back to normal after an operation , but having a hysterectomy can have a strong emotional impact too, which can affect how you feel about sex. If you experience problems with sex after your operation, there is help available.
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Classic and contemporary approaches to the assessment of female sexuality are discussed. General approaches, assessment strategies, and models of female sexuality are organized within the conceptual domains of sexual behaviors, sexual responses desire, excitement, orgasm, and resolution , and individual differences, including general and sex-specific personality models. Where applicable, important trends and relationships are highlighted in the literature with both existing reports and previously unpublished data. The present conceptual overview highlights areas in sexual assessment and model building that are in need of further research and theoretical clarification. Research in female sexuality is fractionated.
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